national summer cello institute 2014

The National Summer Cello Institute is a unique program tailored for professional, graduate and advanced undergraduate cellists. The focus of the program is on the close relationship between effective use of the body and musical communication. Twenty two cellists who are selected by audition submission delve deeply into the connection between body awareness and cellistic proficiency, musical expression, effective teaching and injury prevention.

All selected participants attend the full two week Your Body Is Your Strad program, which include the Feldenkrais for All Musicians component. They are exposed to a range of performance and pedagogical topics, represented by internationally acclaimed faculty.

2014 NSCI faculty includes Uri Vardi of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Timothy Eddy of the Juilliard and Mannes School, Richard Aaron of the Juilliard and University of Michigan, Feldenkrais Practitioner Hagit Vardi of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine Program, director of the UW Integrative Medicine, Dr. David Rakel, MD, Optometrist, Dr. Deborah Zelinsky, Improvisation specialist Matt Turner, Baroque dancer, Jane Peck and conductor, James Smith.

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